Each customer has the right to return a poster purchased by us in 14 calendar days (it is important to return it as received) after receiving it. The money for the poster itself will be refunded 100%. We do not just refund money for transport. If you decide to return a canvas please contact us via the contact form to tell you where to send it. Upon returning a poster, return shipping is paid by you.
We often travel and it is possible to point to a different delivery location from the place of dispatch.
If you decide to return the poster, we only care if it is due to a transport defect. That’s why it’s important to be reviewed when you get it. They have insurance. If there is a delivery defect, the courier company must repay it, because each poster is insured!

If you do not return the poster because of a transport defect, but because of the size or otherwise, please pack it very well so it can be safely transported to us. Make sure to insure it at the same value.

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